ARHE site (2014)

ARHE’s Top Ten Features

1. Databases


  • All athletes currently playing pro sports
  • More than 50,000 historical profiles
  • Includes coaches, trainers, media, cheerleaders, etc.
  • Bios, businesses, endorsements, charities, camps, other interests, social networking
  • “You” can be added to the database (meeting criteria)

Stadiums & Arenas – The most comprehensive collection of information of sports venues.

  • All past, present, & future venues (pro sports & collegiate)
  • Parking & concession prices
  • Sponsorships and advertising rights

Uniforms – Historical archive of team uniforms and equipment

Sneakers – Historical archive of athlete endorsed footwear dating back to the 1940’s

Injuries – Archived information about the injuries of athletes, providing analytical analysis of recovery time and rehab regimens.

2. Tracking your favorite athletes and sports profiles

  • Alerts, texts, emails (ability to follow like Twitter)
  • Magazine articles, camps, news, events, announcements, etc.

3. Ultimate Sports Marketplace

  • Companies will have the ability to sell product through individual profiles
  • “Specific” advertising will allow for ads to be placed on only the endorsed athlete pages and/or teams
  • New product announcements (product & profile trending)

4. Advanced Search (Most diverse options for search anywhere)

  • Pinpoint searches based on narrowed queries and specified information such as:  Biographical info, education, job titles, contracts, endorsements, years played, jersey numbers, etc.

5. “Organized” video content

  • Controlled and easy to navigate YouTube interface
  • Highest quality videos posted from the original sources.

6. Company Profiles

  • Companies relative to sports will be added as profiles and will be identified based on endorsements of athletes, teams, etc.  Commercial ads and products will be properly tagged and cited to benefit company exposure.

7.  Robust Ad Structure

  • Companies may choose to advertise specifically on pages for the athletes that endorse their products
  • Profiled individuals will have the option to advertise on their affiliated school pages as well as their own

8. Virtual Library Service “Locker”

  • Service designed to capture everything from a profile’s past and present that will be collected and housed in a digital format. Content will be accessible through the web and mobile devices.

* Digital photo archive
* Game footage broken down for individual highlights
* News articles, magazine covers, commercials, etc.
* Capabilities to share information with other users

9. Networking (Memberships/Subscriptions)

  • Access even more in depth information (Archives)
  • Resume posting (job opportunities with sports organizations)
  • Content Licensing

10. The Program “Ultimate Sports App”

  • Access of the information from the ARHE website in an amazing user-friendly format designed specifically for mobile devices.