Have you ever wanted to know a stadium’s most memorable event?  Perhaps a breakdown of its construction costs?  Or for many, how about a listing of concession stand items and its prices.  ARHE’s venue database will provide you with everything you want to know about all sports venues on all levels.  Each stadium, arena, and ballpark will tell the complete story from the very beginning.

More than 1,000 stadiums are profiled in our venues database complete with a historical details dating back to the early 1900′s.   ARHE continually collects documents and artifacts while organizing its information that is used by researchers and venues around the world.


Madison Square Garden

From the first beam erected to yesterday’s sold out crowd, the ARHE venue database covers everything in between.  Highlighted by thousands of images and artifacts, each profiled landmark tells a story.  While fans have a connection with their favorite teams and players, many of their greatest memories start with the arena that set the stage.  Users can relive history and experience a feeling of nostalgia when browsing through our stadiums & arenas archives.





  Gone are the days when dinner at the ballpark meant peanuts and Cracker Jack. Now fans have a menu of options.  Find the most popular concession items from each venue as well as the best bargains with our menu listings.  It is a great place to start and plan even before you leave home for the big game.




What is a stadium or arena experience without its fans who fill the seats. ARHE’s research expands into the gameday experience and captures the essence of what brings these magnificent structures to life.  Using fan feedback as well as interviews with venue executives and personnel, information is being collected to assists organizations in making improvements to customer relations and the entertainment value of a ticket.