uniforms & equipment

What uniform did the Lakers wear when they won their first NBA Finals in 1949? What did the Reds uniform look like when Frank Robinson won the Rookie of the Year Award in 1956? And did Barry Bonds ever don one of those horizontally-striped Pirates caps when he first came up with Pittsburgh? These questions and many more can be answered in the uniforms and equipment collection database. Countless hours of research, meticulous scouring of photographs, and detailed study of books and magazines have allowed us the opportunity to catalog these items. In addition to the uniforms, we also archive the equipment used by athletes and teams dating back the late 1800′s.

ARHE’s goal is to continue this process by identifying as many details that are available.  Materials used, style concepts, as well as the companies who make these products are all recorded.  There is something special about uniforms, a mystique that is hard to pin down. Whether we are looking at someone in a uniform or we are trying it on ourselves, it is the feeling of the fabric, the design on the cap and jersey, the colors, cut, and history of the outfit, that all lend meaning to our relationship with the game.

A uniform is also a reflection of the ever-changing trends and times. From baggy street clothes to signature form-fitting apparel and back to baggy, uniforms have undergone transition until what has settled today is both comfortable and functional, and invokes a sense of nostalgic pride among players and fans alike.  See all of the changes and the stories that live with them in our locker room of memories.