sole arhe

Air Jordan, Air Jordan, Air Jordan.  Money, its gotta be the shoes.  Pump up and air out.  Choose your weapon. Sound familiar?  If you are a sneakerhead, a style aficionado, or even that kid who saved up enough to drop $100 for the new Jordan’s released in February, we invite you into our closet and take a historic journey through time.

The ARHE sneaker database is a collection of all sneakers that have been named or endorsed by athletes.  Michael Jordan may be the most recognized name in the industry but there are far more players immortalized in this game.  Venture back over 30 years to see Walt “Clyde” Frazier and “the essence of cool” in the Clydes made by Puma.  Land in 1992 to see the start of an era with the Michigan Fab Five as they introduce the Nike Air Huarache heading into their first Final Four run.

Each shoe is tagged with information for a supreme detailed search.  The brand, name of the shoe, release date, original price, designer, even the stories of inspiration behind the design of the shoes.  If your goal is to see every sneaker worn by a specific player and the time period that is was worn, we’ve got you covered.  How about finding out what shoes were worn during the greatest moments in sports history; look no further.  And to enhance the experience, each entry is also connected to the ARHE Marketing database to show all ads associated with the shoe.  Sole ARHE, laces everything up for you.