The ARHE profile database is its largest and most robust.  It is on track to house more than 50,000 historical profiles in year one including every player and coach to ever participate in the four major sports leagues; NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL.

However, ARHE was not created to only cover high-profile sports as it is our goal to spotlight ALL sports and provide everyone the opportunity to have a platform.  More than 30 sports are currently being tracked and researched.  In addition to players and coaches ARHE bolsters profiles for front office personnel, trainers, members of the media, and even cheerleaders & dancers.

Profiles are designed specifically to highlight the career of each individual:

  • biographical/background information (including contracts and salaries)
  • businesses
  • endorsements
  • charities/foundations
  • camps

ARHE’s goal is to transform the industry of data collection as it has the capacity to be used by the consumer, businesses, athletes, teams, etc.  Through revolutionary concepts the user will be able to navigate effortlessly through archived data that includes historical, educational, and entertaining content.

Research is performed on a daily basis, 365 days of the year.  Coming in 2013 consumers will have the ability to browse through the database to find information sought on their favorite sports personalities and even have the option to contribute to their profiles.



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