Arhe’n, the sports world’s most beloved character, was unveiled on April 15, 2008, as mascot of the beta release to the website and the Facebook fan page. Since his debut, Arhe’n has become a recognizable figure whose appeal has sparked excitement for ARHE’s future.

Created by artist Glenn Riley, Arhen’s likeness was derived from the original website inspired by the late great Arthur Ashe whose book series entitled ‘A Hard Road to Glory’ served as the motivation to create a historical database about the history of African Americans in sports. Although this was the initial concept, the ultimate goal was to create a network for all sports fans from all walks of life. It serves as a continuation of Ashe’s legacy, as well as other great athletes of his time. The word “ARHE” is derived from the first two letters of Ashe’s first name (AR) and the last two letters of his last name (HE). Putting these letters together, ARHE was born, and so was Arhe’n.

Look for Arhe’n to come to life in the upcoming years as ARHE has big plans for the smart, friendly, sports-loving character who kids and adults around the world will enjoy.  To see some the latest designs and creations check out the Arhe’n gallery.  He is not only a favorite for users and their team avatars, Arhe’n also models new uniforms and dresses up to tell the stories from sports history.

Arhe’n will also available to assist users with their search queries when finding the results they are looking for becomes a little challenging.  What could be better than having a kid-friendly assistant that wants to help you get what you want?  Nothing, that’s just Arhe’n!