For years, the back story was never told, and fans were left wanting. Today, ARHE is poised to give you access to the world that is beyond the playing field with never-before-seen stories, video and archived content, dating back to the late 1700′s. For years your only connection to sports figures was simply what you read in newspapers’ agate pages and what you saw on TV. Today, the game has changed, and so has the landscape. The age of social media makes it mandatory that you get the back story now, without having to wait. With the back story, YOU – not the media, not bloggers – get to decide for yourself who you like, who you follow, who you root for, and why. Welcome to the ARHE blog experience, where “Sports content has never been this deep”.

ARHE’s goal is to become your definitive source for sports and sports-related information. We are building a product that combines the far-reaching resources of our collective databases to give you an immersive experience that no other site can provide. In months ahead, we’ll also employ some great new technologies to harness the collective knowledge of the world’s sports fans.